The Illinois Jacquet Foundation® is a nationally recognized non-profit that promotes the study and appreciation of Jazz music throughout the globe. Dr. Pamela Jacquet Davis co-founded the organization in 2005 as a testament to the lasting contributions of her father, the late jazz tenor saxophonist Jean Baptiste Illinois Jacquet (1922-2004).

The Illinois Jacquet Foundation honors the legacy of its namesake through positive and motivating programs that inspire learning, leadership and personal growth. Through community based involvement, events and outreach across the music education system, the organization is able to offer financial assistance, through annual sponsorship and grants, to jazz music students at some of the most prestigious institutions throughout the United States and ultimately empowers them to make a positive and powerful impact on the future of jazz.
With a host of individual programs and scholarship opportunities offered nationwide, The Illinois Jacquet Foundation, along with its network of committed staff, top music educators, historic preservation supporters, volunteers and generous sponsors, work diligently to not only influence the lives of promising young jazz musicians but also brings increased awareness to the productive and critical roll that music education plays in the success of students in all areas of study.